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Australia’s Winning Edge Sport Psychology Conference 2016: Reflect, Refine and Renew

The AIS, in partnership with the College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists (CoSEP), hosted this two-day conference to reflect on the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic cycle and to give an insight into the future direction of sport psychology in Australia.

Speakers included:

  • Kim Brennan - Australian Olympic gold, silver and bronze medal winning rower, representing Australia at three consecutive Olympic Games since 2008.
  • Brendan Cropley - Principal Lecturer in Sport Coaching and Sport Psychology, Cardiff Metropolitan University, with an expertise in reflective practice
  • Mark Spargo - Sport Psychology Coordinator, Victorian Institute of Sport
  • Headquarter and sport-specific psychologists from the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games

Sport Psychology: Reflections

Sport Psychology: Reflections & Perspectives

Sport Psychology: Reflect, Refine, Renew

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AIS Performing Brain Workshop 2016

The AIS Performing Brain Workshop has been designed to inspire curiosity and interest in the rapidly growing area of neurofeedback and brain training technologies.

In the race for performance gains in sport, conventional wisdom suggests that sport science is reaching the upper limits in physical gains to be made, but that we are only just scratching the surface of the brain’s potential. As scientists have become more sophisticated in their understanding of the brain, gone are “old school” mechanistic analogies. Now we speak of the brain’s “plasticity” or even more to the point “elasticity” - the infinitely powerful ability of the brain to learn and change. Technologies such as neurofeedback and transcranial direct stimulation are offering direct insights into brain activity that in the past we could only allude to through therapeutic metaphors.

Hear practitioners discuss their use of brain training technologies with athletes, to see how theory meets application.

Hear our podcast on The Performing Brain from the 2016 Workshop with:

  • Trevor Brown – Cognitive Neuroscientist, Positive Brain Training
  • Matt Elliot – Director, Strong Minds Australia, and former NRL Coach for the New Zealand Warriors, Penrith Panthers, Canberra Raiders


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