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Movement Science

How do I become a movement scientist?
Refer to the careers section of this website

What equipment do you use?
AIS Movement Science employs the latest technology and conducts world-leading research to develop equipment for sports analysis. It is very hard to purchase a commercially produced sports analysis systems, so the AIS employs research technicians to assist in the design and development of sports-specific analysis systems.

Can I get some testing done?
Movement Science analysis is very time consuming and therefore can be very expensive. The time taken to set up the equipment, conduct the testing, analyse the results and then produce a report can vary from half a day to a number of weeks. We do, however, conduct some commercial testing for some sports, but the availability of the staff to perform commercial projects is very much determined by the Australian Institute of Sport's training and competition schedules and the athletes are our priority.

How do I get a work experience placement with movement science?
More information is available in the careers section of this website.

Can you help me do an assignment?
Unfortunately AIS Movement Science staff cannot provide assistance to complete school or University assignments. The AIS National Sports Information Centre has information that may be of assistance to you.

Does AIS Movement Science have open days for the public?
The AIS Movement Science laboratories are sometimes open to the public during major AIS open days which are held from time to time. Tours of the AIS Campus for the general public are available daily, check the website for details.

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