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AIS Movement Science specialises in the analysis and development of sports skills to improve efficiency and skill execution, reduce the risk of injury and improve match performance utilising some of the most advanced equipment and technology in the world. There are 5 laboratories comprising approximately 1600m2  of floor space, including two biomechanics laboratories, a 100m 6 lane indoor track, a performance analysis laboratory – the “Collaboratory”, and a skill acquisition laboratory – the “Learnatorium”. A range of computer, scientific, engineering and analytical technologies and techniques are used across these laboratories.

There is also a long jump pit, a foam pit for gymnastics testing and an overhead crane to cater for a variety of sporting applications and simulations to optimise task representation for athletes. The indoor track is used to collect kinetic and kinematic data relating to athlete performances in the Paralympic and/or Olympic Athletic disciplines of walk, sprints, hurdles and horizontal jumps.  This area is also used for Gait analysis in collaboration with the sports medicine and physical therapy disciplines at the AIS. A range of athletes across various sports benefit from clinical services and research projects regarding footwear, lower limb technique and loading patterns.

AIS Movement Science also incorporates one of the most scientifically advanced pools in the world. The aquatic testing and training centre incorporates instrumented start blocks and turning walls, high-speed camera's, large plasma screens for feedback to swimmers and coaches as well as several biomechanical analysis systems designed specifically for swimming.

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