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Performance Analysis provides world-leading services to sport programs to improve athlete, support staff and coach performance.

Performance Analysts seek to provide objective, valid and reliable observations that facilitate recall of performance in order to develop and transform performance. This work takes place in daily training and competition contexts and incorporates activities ranging from daily support through to long term projects.

Understanding the critical tactical and strategic elements of performance is of particular interest to us, as is the tracking the performance of individuals and groups over time, and the creative application of technology to impact performance.

We work with many sports across a wide range of Performance Analysis activities using an approach which allows us to share and build on ideas for the benefit of all sports. Some examples of our recent work include:


Recent work with gymnastics has included the design and implementation of a video feedback system in the AIS Gymnastics Hall. The system is comprised of 10 high-definition cameras, a networked storage facility, and pushes out high-quality video to several large LCD screens positioned throughout the gym. The system was designed to seamlessly integrate video into on-floor training and allows coaches and athletes to review performance at the touch of a button. Video from every session is automatically stored, logged and made available directly to coaches within their office.


We provide performance analysis support for the Australian Diamonds Netball team in a role that encompasses match day support (video capture, coding and live statistics output), training camp support (video feedback, technical support) and research and development.

The Green and Gold Room – London 2012

The Green and Gold Room was an AOC/AIS project to provide on-the-ground support and space to enhance the performance analysis activities of the Australian Olympic Team in London. Extensive performance analysis facilities and analyst support provided extended capability and harnessed a 24 hour support network. Plans are well under way to build on the project for the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.

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