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AIS Movement Science Research & Development

AIS Movement Science has a strong focus on a number of research and development initiatives, many of which we partner with the academic sector. Research is conducted via postgraduate scholarship projects, sport based PhD scholarships, strategic relationships with domestic and international partners, in collaboration with other AIS disciplines and our partner national sporting organisations.

Areas of research include:

· Swimming biomechanics particularly the influence of wave drag on performance and image recognition in an aquatic environment

· Biomechanical analysis for expert performance and learning design in the javelin throw

· Analytical techniques to identify match strategies, trends, behaviors and tactics

· Paralympic technology and wheelchair design influence on performance

· Development of inertial sensor technology to monitor load and performance in near real-time across various sports

· Lower limb loading and power flows during various skill, exercise and landing techniques

· Development of real-time performance analysis technologies and algorithms for competition and technique analysis

· Biomechanics of back injuries for fast bowlers in cricket and spinal injury/pain among other athletes

· Sports vision technologies and their utility to improve performance and differentiate experts and novices

· Task representative learning design and the structure of efficacious athlete skill development programs

· Biomechanics and inertial sensor technology for illegal bowling actions in cricket and other sporting applications


Much of our research is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Interested practitioners, students and researchers will be able to access it through journals such as:

· Journal of Sports Sciences

· International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport

· Journal of Applied Biomechanics

· Sport Biomechanics

· Human Movement Science

· Journal of Motor Behavior

· Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

· Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

· Journal of Applied Sport Psychology

· International Journal of Sports Psychology

· British Journal of Sports Medicine

· Clinical Biomechanics

· Sports Medicine

· Gait and Posture

· European Journal of Sports Science

· Journal of Biomechanics

· Lancet

· Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

· Sports Technology

· Physical Therapy in Sport

· Perceptual and Motor Skills

· International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance

· International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching

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