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AIS Performance Recovery discipline conducts scientific research in partnership with National Sporting Organisations, Universities and other Sport Science and Sport Medicine disciplines, focussed on enhancing both individual and team sporting performance.

Research Focus:

  • Optimising sleep for athlete recovery (e.g., travel and jet-lag, sleep habits, light avoidance/seeking strategies and napping).
  • The effects of various hydrotherapy strategies on the adaptive response to exercise training.
  • Quantifying thermoregulatory responses (able-bodied and para athletes) to exercise in athletes, and assessing the effects of different cooling strategies to maintain thermoregulation.
  • The effects of recovery strategies and periodization on markers of training quality.
  • Components of, and strategies to improve, athlete mental health.
  • Neurophysiology of the elite athlete.
  • The effects of compression garments and pneumatic compression on markers of blood flow, exercise performance, and recovery from exercise.

Further information:

More information on research undertaken in the Performance Recovery area, and research publications co-authored by AIS Performance Recovery staff can be found at the Clearinghouse for Sport

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