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Tony Ward

Clinical Manager|Senior Sports Physiotherapist

Tony's qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Physiotherapy - Sydney University
  • Post Graduate Scholarship - AIS
  • Masters Sports Physiotherapy - La Trobe University, VIC
  • Grad Dip Business Management - current studies Monash University, VIC
  • Associate of the Australian College of Physiotherapists - current studies La Trobe University, VIC

Tony is the AIS Senior Sports Physiotherapist for the Centre of Excellence Basketball Australia program he manages the development of AIS Physical Therapies capabilities and coordinates service provision to the AIS European Training Centre in Northern Italy
Tony's research interests include lower limb injuries, basketball/track and field and the development of effective rehabilitation systems 

“I have now been working within the AIS Physical Therapies Department for over 16 years and I still get excited to come to work each day in such a challenging but rewarding environment, alongside exceptionally talented and driven co-workers within the AIS. The experience knowing that my ongoing contribution, especially with some of Australia’s best young basketball talent assists in their success in future year on the world stage is a marvelous reward in itself. While more recent tasks of taking on intensive rehabilitation roles for some of Australia’s high achieving athletes in our multidisciplinary environment satisfies my creative, sports minded and clinical skills."

Martin Wollin

Clinical Manager|Senior Sports Physiotherapist
Martin's qualifications include:

  • PhD candidate – La Trobe Sports and Exercise Medicine Research Centre, La Trobe University
  • Masters of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) – University of Sydney
  • Postgraduate Certificate Sports Physiotherapy – University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy – University of South Australia

Martin first started with the AIS as a 2004 physiotherapy postgraduate scholar. He returned to the AIS after having worked in professional football in England and Australia. 

Martin leads the Performance Impact Team, Football Federation Australia Centre of Excellence at AIS and is in the clinical management of the Executive Panel Athlete Rehabilitation Centre at AIS. He's also the Postgraduate Student Coordinator and works in Clinical Sports Physiotherapy, servicing of athletes at the AIS.

Martin's research interests include: the development of athlete monitoring system and strategies in Football with a focus on hamstring and groin injuries; injury prevention; groin injury management and rehabilitation; and hamstring injury management & rehabilitation.

Working at the AIS is inspiring. It’s an environment where expertise and experience is in abundance. It allows me to apply my skills and continue to develop with other people that are passionate about high performance sporting success.”


Miranda Menaspa

Senior Sports Physiotherapist

Miranda started working for the AIS at the beginning of 2012.  Since then, she has worked with athletes across numerous sports and has been lucky enough to travel around the world with sporting teams to various major championships and events. Miranda is the Lead Physiologist for the Australian Women’s Water Polo Team and the Sports Medicine Manager for Water Polo Australia.

Miranda’s professional and research interests include shoulder injuries, training load monitoring in relation to injury and illness and sports epidemiology.

Working full-time in the high performance environment is unique and I love the challenge that comes with keeping our athletes fit to train.  Through my job at the AIS, I have been exposed to exceptional clinicians (both within and external to the AIS) and have had the chance to work with many inspiring coaches and athletes.  All of these people have influenced the way I go about my work – it is hard not to strive to be your best when everyone else around you is exceptional!”

Mick Drew

Senior Sports Physiotherapist

Michael Drew a Senior Sports Physiotherapist who has been with the AIS since 2011, previously coming from a professional sport setting.

Mick’s professional interests focus on the role of athletes' health on performance outcomes. Mick is motivated by the interactions with the athletes, coaches and support staff of which his research is aimed at supporting real-world problems identified by them. Mick is passionate about ensuring athletes and staff have long and successful careers uninterrupted by injuries and illnesses.

Hear Mick Drew talk about systems thinking in sport:


Paula Charlton

Senior Sports Physiotherapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Paula has been a Senior Sports Physiotherapist at the AIS Physical Therapies Department for nearly three years following a career in AFL and the NRL in Melbourne.

Paula’s professional interests are on the integration of physiotherapy and strength and conditioning for high level return to sport and rehabilitation. She is also interested in how injury prevention can assist to optimise team performance as well as athlete development through the pathways.

"I love being able to sponge and learn from the many brains in our department as well as in other departments. I love working on projects collaboratively that can provide our sports with the best opportunities for success. I truly believe that the AIS offers a unique environment that differs from professional sport that allows rapid knowledge growth in sports."

Ben Raysmith

Senior Sports Physiotherapist
Ben's Academic Qualifications:

  • B.Sc (Anatomy and Physiology) - University of Melbourne
  • B.Sc (Physiotherapy) - Curtin University, WA
  • M.Sc (Sports Physiotherapy) - La Trobe

Ben's responsible for servicing the daily training environment for track and field athletes based at the AIS and for international athletes. He also assists with innovation, research and development on behalf of Athletics Australia and with department projects and knowledge transfer to a national network.

His research interests include: understanding the links between training loads, performance and injury/illness; optimal servicing models for local cohort of athletes and integration in a national framework; and soft tissue and load related injuries in track and field.

Phil Cossens

APA Senior Sports Physiotherapist | Private Practice Physiotherapist

Phil's academic qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Masters of Sports Physiotherapy
  • Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists

Phil is the lead Physiotherapist for Rowing Australia and National Performance Services Coordinator for Gymnastics Australia. His research interest is in shoulder injuries in male gymnasts, and regularly conducts training for Physiotherapists around the country on upper limb injuries in sport.

“I love the challenges associated with helping athletes who push themselves to the limit every day. It’s also a daily privilege to work side by side with an amazing team in Physical Therapies, and professional leaders throughout this organisation.”

Kylie Holt

Senior Sports Physiotherapist

Kylie's academic qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Medical Science - The University of Sydney
  • Bachelor Applied Science (Physiotherapy) - The University of Sydney
  • Masters Sports Physiotherapy - La Trobe University - VIC
  • Associated Fellow - Australian College of Physiotherapists
  • PhD Candidate - University of Canberra

Kylie has been a physiotherapist at the AIS since 2009 where she has been significantly involved with Swimming, Gymnastics, Netball and Athletics supporting all these sports at both domestic and international competitions. 

Kylie also assists the department with capability, resource development and student supervision.

Her professional interests include: 

  • Australian Team Physiotherapist Headquarters Olympics Rio 2016 and Gymnastics London 2012
  • Australian Team Headquarters Physiotherapist Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010 and Glasgow 2014
  • Member of ACT Sports Physiotherapy Committee
  • Shoulder injuries - swimming/athletics/gymnastics 

Kylie's research interests include: undertaking current research in shoulder dynamometry, pain and shoulder pathology in swimmers; swimming epidemiology; and lower limb injuries - hamstring rehabilitation, ankle injury prevention, jumping and landing.

Working at the AIS offers the unique ability to work daily in an experienced multi-disciplinary team, together having immediate and direct  impact on the training environment and performance outcomes of each individual athlete."


Tony Bond

Soft Tissue Therapist

Since commencing work at the AIS in 1992 Tony says he’s been lucky enough to work alongside some highly motivated athletes, coaches and staff that has taken him to six Olympic Games, multiple Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

“Seeing the athletes drive for constant improvement keeps my motivation high to offer the best we can in a pursuit of excellence in the demanding world of sport. Truly a privilege.”

Vince Cosentini

Soft Tissue Therapist

Vince has been a practicing massage therapist since 2002 and employed at the AIS since 2006. He has extensive experience across a number of sports but he’s primarily involved in Football and Swimming with their respective national teams. Vince has worked with numerous other national teams such as Boxing, Canoe/Kayak and Rowing and he has been selected to assist at many major events/tournaments including the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.

“I have a strong passion for education where I have been an educator in both under and post graduate forms in the field of sports massage. The ability to work alongside many of Australia’s top therapists, scientists, coaches, physicians and athletes is always so rewarding and a privilege to be a part of this great team!”


Ari Takkinen

Soft Tissue Therapist | Pilates | Movement Education

Ari's academic qualifications:

  • Certified - Massage Therapist
  • Certified - Pilates Instructor

Ari provides soft tissue therapy to AIS and national sporting organisation athletes and support for teams on tour domestically and internationally. He also assists in injury management and teaches pilates and movement education.
His research interest is in Pilates.

"I like working in an environment where people strive to be better." 

Liam Toohey

APA PhD Physical Therapies Scholar

Liam's research interests focus on subsequent injury in sport including sports injury classification and modelling. In particular, Liam works extensively with the AIS Athlete Monitoring System (AMS) and other data across all sports.

“The application of research to improve the health and performance outcomes for athletes is an exciting area to work in. The AIS is a leading centre for sports research in Australia and offers a great platform to implement research into clinical practice."

Sally Bromley

Physical Therapies PhD Scholar

Sally's main research interests are injury, illness and training load in combat sports, including epidemiology and strength and conditioning for developing elite sportspeople.

“The collection and analysis of injury, illness and training load information is a cornerstone to performance enhancement. It is a joyful challenge to work at the AIS, where cutting edge performance programs are developed and implemented.”

Clare Ryan

Practice Manager of Physical Therapies


  • B Exercise and Sport Science (Honours), Deakin University
  • Dip Management, Federation University 

After working as a Postgraduate Scholar in Physiology, Clare commenced her current role as Practice Manager of Physical Therapies in January 2017. Prior to coming to the AIS, Clare worked within AFL at both the junior and elite levels. At the AIS Clare delivers operational infrastructure to support an athlete focused team environment and she coordinates the day-to-day functions of the Physical Therapies practice.

Her professional interests include high performance sports management and athlete support in the daily training environment.

"Working at the AIS has provided me with an amazing opportunity to further my involvement in elite sport. Even in the short time I have been here, I have learnt so much from those who work alongside our athletes and I am grateful to be able to support them in this role."

Heather McCullough

Reception | Athlete Services Support

Heather provides professional frontline service acting as the first point of contact for the AIS High Performance Centre as well as administrative backup support for the sport science disciplines located in the Centre.

"I have had the pleasure of working at the AIS for the past three years.  I say a pleasure as working is a large part of your life.  The only way to be truly satisfied in working is to do what you believe is great work.  The way to do a great job is to love what you do.  It took me many years to find something that I can say that I love doing.  As with all matters of the heart, I know that I have found it here at the AIS."

Will Tardif

Physiotherapy Post Graduate Scholar

Will is a physiotherapy post graduate scholar working primarily in the football and basketball centre of excellence programs. He moved to the AIS from Melbourne Victory FC at the beginning of 2017.

I feel privileged to work with a range of dedicated athletes, coaches and supporting staff at the AIS. I am learning every day from some of the most progressive and stimulating practitioners in Australian sport and enjoy collaborating with driven coaching and support staff in the development of our athletes.”

Sara Guevara

Physiotherapist - Post Graduate Scholar

Sara is here for 2017 as the  Post Graduate Scholar.  She has previously worked in Private Practice and in a Sports Medicine Clinic, working with multiple sports: mainly Women’s Soccer, Rugby Union and Combat Sport. Sara has been a part of the AIS Combat Centre Team (Taekwondo, Judo, Boxing) for the past three years.  She is currently completing her Masters of Sports Physiotherapy. At the AIS this year she will mainly be working with the Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Australia programs.

Professional/Research Interests:       

  • Lower limb injuries in Kicking and Combat Sports Athletes 
  • Training load monitoring in relation to injury & illness
  • Combat Sport Epidemiology and Injury Prevention          

Working at the AIS has always been a dream of mine. Working here has opened my eyes to the unique and challenging world of elite sport. Being surrounded by such passionate and exceptional clinician’s is such a great opportunity to improve my knowledge and has further fuelled my passion for working with high performance sport.”



Kylie Turton

Kylie Turton has joined the Physical Therapies team as a Sports Physiotherapist. She will be working in private practice on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays. Call 02 6214 1253 for more information or to make an appointment.

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