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Performance Psychology

We educate and empower athletes, coaches, and National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) through psychological skill development and consultation to increase the probability of optimal performance outcomes.  We do so through direct service provision as well as via collaboration with our Australian sport system partners. 

To delve a little deeper into what we do and to find out more about Sports Psychology, listen to our series of podcasts from our 2016 Australia’s Winning Edge Sport Psychology conference.

Our Methods

  • Performance enhancing services: Customised and integrated psychological services delivered to meet the specific needs of athletes, coaches, and sports
  • Organisational consulting: To enhance organisational effectiveness and efficiency we work with coaches, High Performance Directors and staff, in collaboration with Australian sport system partners
  • Education and resource development
  • All services delivered on-site or remotely based on needs and location.

Our Services

Educate and empower athletes, coaches, and NSOs to:

Enhance Performance

  • Develop an athlete’s preparedness for the podium  through education and training
  • Promote systematic self-regulation of constructive thinking, energy, emotion, and attention
  • Create a productive team environment
  • Grow leadership and communication skills

Restore Performance

  • Foster recovery from injury, performance slumps, and training stress
  • Cultivate psychological resilience and coping skills
  • Manage interpersonal conflict

Promote Mental Health

  • Screen, manage, and coordinate support
  • Encourage healthy life balance
  • Facilitate sport/career transitions

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