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High Performance Mental Skills Online

High Performance Mental Skills Online (HPMS Online)

Mental skills are a key factor in achieving success in high performance sport. Athletes committed to achieving their sporting goals seek to understand themselves and utilise mental skills to enhance their sporting performance.

Using mental skills at training not only improves the effectiveness of training but also allows the athlete the chance to develop the skill before competing. Mental skills also help the athlete recover from training and competition. With enhanced mental skills, athletes have a better chance to cope with setbacks and manage themselves in a difficult environment.

The AIS Performance Psychology Discipline has developed High Performance Mental Skills Online (HPMS Online) to enhance the understanding and use of high performance mental skills in training and competition. HPMS Online includes six modules designed for athletes of all levels, from recreational to elite performers. The modules are provided free via the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) learning platform. Each course includes information about the mental skill, how it can be used and activities to develop the skill.

Goal Setting - teaches athletes to set and use big picture, short-term, and action goals. High Performance Goal Setting is fundamental to success.

Motivation - is designed to increase enjoyment and performance in sport. Athletes will learn about factors that influence motivation and strategies to maintain their desired motivation level.

Concentration - aims to help athletes identify where their focus needs to be and learn strategies to help manage distractions and stay focused when performing.

Imagery - teaches athletes about the different ways to use imagery to improve performance. Athletes will learn to create their own scripts for performance.

Getting in the Zone - teaches athletes about different activation levels and their influence on performance. Athletes will explore their optimal performance level and strategies to get ‘in the zone’ and stay ‘in the zone’.

Competition Routines - explores why routines are important and what is needed in a competition routine. Athletes will create their own competition routine.

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