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Quality Assurance Program

Assessing state, national and Olympic level athletes in Australia is the responsibility of the institutes and academies of sport across Australia. To track and monitor the quality assurance of this system, is the role of the National Sport Science Quality Assurance Program (NSSQA), an initiative of the AIS.

Our main aim is to promote continuous improvement in sports science testing standards in Australia and to help sports science programs involved in the assessment of athletes to establish and maintain national standards. We work with the national institutes and academies of sport to monitor quality assurance issues and critically evaluate all aspects of laboratory function likely to affect the reliability and accuracy of test results. Guided by sports scientists across Australia, the NSSQA program assesses areas such as staffing, documentation, equipment calibration/maintenance, test protocols and reporting.

The benefit of NSSQA is that sports scientists are more confident about the accuracy and interpretation of results that they deliver to coaches and athletes and they tell us that the program results in “quantifiable improvements to the assessment of athletes in Australia”.

NSSQA offers an accreditation program for Exercise Physiology plus it facilitates and hosts applied workshops and seminars.

Staff from a national institute or academy of sport have access to the NSSQA secure website that hosts national testing protocols and resources, accreditation templates, position statements, workshop and conference presentations and more.

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