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Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes 2nd Edition.

The second edition of the successful textbook is now available. For more information please see the Human Kinetics website.

Since the late 1980s, Australian sports scientists have been aware of the need to standardise procedures used to evaluate the elite athlete and to generally improve the quality and reduce the variability of physiological tests. The NSSQA program has been responsible for collating and publishing the test methods manual, which presents the most current ideas for physiological assessment of an elite athlete in a given sport. The test protocols described for each sport have been written by specialist exercise physiologists and have been evaluated by the relevant Sports Science Advisory Committee. Accordingly, the information reflects the nationally accepted testing protocols for the various sports.

Many areas of athlete assessment continue to be refined and changes to protocols, whether slight modifications or major changes, occur from time to time. The NSSQA program coordinates the provision of updated test methods manuals to sport scientists.

Four editions of the test methods manual have been published over the years. The latest version, Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes 2nd Edition, is marketed by Human Kinetics. It provides test protocols for the physiological assessment of elite athletes in many different sports, as well as the rationale for these protocols.

The protocols were developed from an understanding and scrutiny of the international literature related to athlete assessment. This book explains procedures for testing athletes that have a sound theoretical basis and precision of the technique is known. Most chapters have been written by sports scientists who spend every working day with athletes as their sole focus, and who interact closely with coaches and athletes to optimise sporting success and performance.

Skinfold caliper calibration

Given the wide use of skinfold calipers, it is somewhat surprising that relatively little attention has been given to their calibration. For those interested in high quality skinfold measurement with Harpenden Calipers, the NSSQA program recommends a first principles calibration service.

We have spent five years studying the factors that affect the accuracy of measurement with this caliper, with our findings having been published in journals, conferences and book chapters. Ron Walker offers complete calibration of Harpenden Calipers including servicing of the pivot and dial gauge, and assessment of the spring co-efficient and jaw gap. A written report is also provided. If you want your calipers calibrated, contact Ron Walker at


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