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Achilles Tendon Research

AIS Achilles Study

Are you:

  • A healthy active person aged 18-55 yrs?
  • Does your Achilles tendon pain keep you from running?

We’re looking for participants with more than 2 months of Achilles tendon pain to trial a new oral collagen-based treatment and test new imaging modalities (MRI + Ultrasound)

Email: to get involved

Aim of the study

The aim of this pilot research project is to perform a case control study with a cross-over design to explore the potential clinical benefits of 2 times 12 weeks supplementation of TENDOFORTE™ P (containing 5g of highly bioactive collagen peptides) or PLACEBO in chronic midportion Achilles tendinopathy patients as an add-on therapy to 24 weeks of eccentric exercise therapy.

Study Summary

The outcome of this pilot study is expected to give direction to a large-scale randomized controlled trial on the clinical benefits of TENDOFORTE™ P  in the treatment of chronic midportion Achilles tendinopathy.

To improve our understanding of the in vivo working mechanism of this nutraceutical, we aim to investigate the ultrastructural and microvascular changes of the Achilles tendon using contrast enhanced ultrasonography, ultrasonographic tissue characterization as well as bicomponent analysis of Achilles tendon volumes ultrashort echo spin (UTE) on a 3T MRI.

Participants with chronic midportion Achilles tendinopathy will be examined, and then have their Achilles tendon imaged using Ultrasonographic Tissue Characterization (UTC), 2D Contrast enhanced Ultrasonography and ultra-short echo spins (UTE) on a 3T MRI. They will be supplied with 12 weeks supplementation of TENDOFORTE™ P or Placebo and asked to complete an eccentric exercise therapy program. Participants will be reassessed after the initial treatment and then given the 12 weeks supplementation of the opposing substance (TENDOFORTE™ P or Placebo) in this cross over design study.

Comparison between the TENDOFORTE™ P or Placebo will help inform a larger scale clinical trial into the treatment of this chronic injury.

How can you assist?

If you believe you can contribute to this research or would like further information please contact Dr Stephan Praet on 02 6214 1578 or via email

Considerations for becoming involved in the study:

The study is conducted in the ACT and will require 3-4 visits to the AIS campus and therefore out of state residents are advised to strongly consider whether this is feasible. 

Please note that potential participants who are still running, will be required to abstain from running for about 4 weeks whilst building up their eccentric calf strengthening exercise.
Patients who are not willing to do so, are not eligible for this specific study.

Furthermore, eligible candidates are not allowed to have performed an eccentric calf strengthening program in the previous 3 months.

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