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Research - Hamstring Study

Hamstring Injury Study

AIS Hamstring Injury Study

  • Do you play recreational AFL/Rugby/Rugby League/Soccer/Touch Footy/Oz tag?
  • Are you male 18-40?
  • Have you torn your hamstring during football within the last 96 hours?
We invite you to participate in our research into acute hamstring tears and the use of injectable treatment options. This knowledge will help to determine the efficacy of these treatments.

Contact Dr Samantha Pomroy on 02 6214 1578 or via email

Aim of the study

Randomised double blinded placebo controlled trial to assess the efficacy of Traumeel S injection vs Placebo (Normal Saline) in acute Hamstring tears.

Study Summary

Muscle tear injuries are a common acute injury in athlete populations, with muscles such as the hamstrings also having a high incidence of re-injury. Studies examining hamstring injury rates in various football codes estimate that hamstring injuries account for 12-26% of all injuries sustained and are the single largest cause for loss of playing time in Australian Football and the predominant injury type for prolonged absence from training and game time in football (Opar et al 2012, Orchard et al 2013).

Based on the high incidence of hamstring injury within the football codes the exploration of further treatment options is warranted.

We will be investigating whether Traumeel S, a homeopathic formulation reported to contain botanical and mineral ingredients assists in return to play. Traumeel is listed in three forms (ointment, liquid and gel) on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). It is indicated for use as a natural anti-inflammatory for temporary relief of soft tissue trauma (TGA, 2013). Traumeel has been shown to be well tolerated, with very few adverse effects (de Vega et al, 2013; Schneider et al, 2008).

The use of Traumeel is currently considered an option in treating acute muscle strains in sports medicine in Germany, (Linklater et al, 2010; Orchard et al, 2008).  Small case studies, including the use of Traumeel injection in an overuse injury of the rectus abdominus (Natsis et al, 2012) and studies demonstrating efficacy in animal models of inflammation (Lussignoli et al 1999) are available. There is a distinct lack of peer-reviewed evidence available on the efficacy of such treatment and an absence of any published material relating to controlled trials (Linklater et al, 2010).

Our trial involves recruiting participants who have torn their hamstring during the above football codes within 96 hours of contacting us. You will be asked to present to the AIS Sports Medicine Department for medical review. If deemed appropriate you will be referred for MRI. Once MRI confirms a hamstring tear you will be allocated to the Traumeel S group or normal Saline Group for injection under Ultrasound.
Testing will be conducted pre and post injection including range of movement, strength and balance testing. You will then see an AIS physiotherapist for provision of a rehabilitation program. A further 2 injections will occur at weekly intervals, as well as repeat testing and review with physiotherapy. You will be followed for a period of 6 weeks at weekly intervals or until you return to full training, whichever occurs soonest. We will review you again at 3 and 6 months

How can you assist?

If you believe you can contribute to this research or would like further information please contact Dr Samantha Pomroy on 02 6214 1578 or via email

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry number ACTRN12615000768594

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