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Monitoring power development in elite junior female
basketball players – Jan Legg
Ongoing research into the development of power and jumping capacity of elite junior female basketball players and the influence of strength and conditioning programs on these capacities. This study will also address how training load and injury occurrence influence power development in these athletes.

An examination of bilateral and unilateral lower body strength training and transfer to performance – Brendyn Appleby
Many sporting actions (running, changing direction) are performed on one leg at a time, however the majority of resistance training is bilateral in nature, or unilateral training is performed as a rehab tool with a low magnitude of resistance. This study is analysing the similarities and differences in unilateral and bilateral training – the muscle activation patterns and force development – and the transfer of these exercises to improved athletic performance.

Understanding and quantifying accumulated anaerobic fatigue – Kirsten Everett
Involves research into the development of an optimal method to quantify various anaerobic loads and investigate the neuromuscular impairment that manifests from anaerobic exercise. This research will lead to improved athlete monitoring strategies and allow coaches to gain a more thorough understanding of the accumulated effects from anaerobic exercise and provide guidelines for training plans featuring manageable phases.


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