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Recommended books:

  • Designing resistance training programs, Fourth Edition, Fleck SJ, Kraemer WJ, Human Kinetics, (2014)
  • Strength and Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications, Marco Cardinale, Robert Newton and Kazunori Nosaka  John Wiley & Sons, (2010)
  • Science and Practice of Strength training, Second Edition, Zatsirosky VM, Kraemer WJ, Human Kinetics, (2006)
  • Strength training for young athletes, Second Edition, Kraemer WJ, Fleck SJ, Human Kinetics, (2005)
  • Supertraining, Sixth Edition, Siff MC, Supertraining Institute, (2003)


Recommended university courses:

  • Bachelors in Human Movement Studies, Sport and Exercise, or Coaching
  • Post Graduate qualification relating to the field of sport

Clearinghouse for Sport

The Clearinghouse for Sport is an ASC led knowledge sharing initiative and an excellent resource for anyone keen to find out more information about sport and what's happening in terms of research and developments nationally and overseas. Register here.

Find below articles and links to resources relevant to the subject of Strength and Conditioning.

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