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Olympic silver medallist Jessica Fox in the canoe slalom event.
Personal Excellence and myAISplaybook will benefit Australian athletes like Olympic silver medallist Jessica Fox.

The first of many Personal Excellence initiatives, the AIS has developed myAISplaybook to provide greater support and guidance for elite athletes. myAISplaybook allows the AIS to directly deliver the principles of Personal Excellence.

Why myAISplaybook?

The issues and increased media scrutiny faced by today’s athletes places significant pressure on all areas of their life and their ability to manage their actions. In response, myAISplaybook is an online platform that was developed as an athlete-only, e-adaptive learning community. Through myAISplaybook, athletes on their sporting journey can communicate and learn from each other across all sports, while increasing their awareness of the contemporary issues they may face as they navigate the high performance pathway.

myAISplaybook allows athletes to:

  • access all dAIS related information, including specific learning and compliance requirements associated with being a dAIS recipient
  • access information and resources on current hot topics and issues for athletes and discuss these in a safe environment
  • view paid and volunteer opportunities
  • hear from high-profile role models through our Best of the Best series, featuring individuals who have made Australia proud in the sporting arena and other industries
  • learn about the cause and effect process of decision making through online educational content delivered through online learning opportunities
  • see each sports benchmark sporting events & follow fellow athletes currently overseas
  • view live countdowns to your benchmark sporting events
  • receive updates from Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and National Integrity of Sport Unit
  • Keep up to date with sporting news and competition results.

Athlete registration

All categorised athletes will be sent an email introducing them to Personal Excellence and myAISplaybook, inviting them to register.

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