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Elite Athlete Friendly University program

Elite Athlete Friendly University program

The Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) program supports Australia’s elite athletes
to achieve academic excellence while also pursuing a sporting career.

The value of combining both sport and higher education to achieve greater life success is
well recognised across the university and sporting sectors.

There are 41 universities across Australia that are part of the EAFU network. Each of these
universities has a contact person to support elite athletes within their university.

The EAFU contact provides:

  • advice and guidance on academic planning
  • support in negotiating flexibility to meet
    academic requirements
  • advocacy within the university environment
  • support in negotiating and/or implementing
    cross-institutional study or credit transfer

Please note — not all universities in the EAFU program provide all of the support services outlined. You will need to check with your university as to how they can assist you.


How to get involved

Contact the AIS, your state institute or academy of sport, university or player welfare manager to discuss how the EAFU network can help you.

To check if your university participates in the scheme and to locate contact details for the EAFU contact person visit the endorsed universities page.

For any further information contact: Tel: (02) 6214 1621.

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