Organisational Excellence



Male Champions of Change

The ASC identified the promotion of women in leadership roles in both the ASC, and in the sporting sector, as a key priority. To accelerate change in this area the ASC committed to the Male Champions of Change Sport (MCCS) program. The program involved leaders from national and elite sporting organisations, most of whom are male, taking action to advance gender equality in Australian sport and their own organisations. Initiatives implemented by the ASC to create an environment where both women and men can thrive include:

  • expansion of flexible working arrangements
  • introduction of Future Female Leaders program to help participants step up into a CEO or executive level position
  • piloting of Sponsorship of Talent program to develop and foster a network of sponsor relationships between ASC leaders and high-potential female middle managers.

Flexible Work Agreements

The ASC recognises employees need to balance their work and lifestyle to meet work, personal and family commitments. The ASC conducted a pilot Flexible Work Program for the Corporate Operations Division, from October 2016 to March 2017, to trial the introduction of a more flexible approach to work arrangements. These arrangements can include compressed hours, part-time work, working from home or teleworking, flexible start and finish times, job sharing, phased retirement and breastfeeding or lactation breaks. The pilot was successful and endorsed by all employees and managers in the participant group. As a result, the ASC expanded the program, promoting it across the workforce and the uptake of Flexible Work Agreements increased from 45 staff in 2015–16 to 105 staff in 2016–17.

Strategic Asset Review

The ASC has a substantial asset base mainly comprising specialised sporting facilities in Australia and the European Training  Centre in Varese, Italy as well as some supporting administration facilities. During 2017 the ASC commenced a Strategic Asset Management Review to develop a capital investment strategy that represents the ASC’s long term vision for its site and facilities, and supports the ASC’s business strategy and operating model. The result of the capital investment strategy will be used to inform the submission to Government as part of the National Sport Plan.