The following tables provide a summary of the ASC’s performance against the deliverables as set out for Outcome 1 in the PBS.

Table 8: ASC performance against Outcome 1 deliverables




Provide targeted investment to NSOs to achieve measurable participation outcomes


The ASC provided funding to 58 NSOs to achieve participation outcomes in 2014–15.

To provide a simpler, more consistent and transparent approach to participation funding the ASC also developed a new participation investment model.

This new model will be implemented from 1 July 2015.  

Establish and implement an annual participation research and information programme to measure sport participation and provide information to assist NSOs to make informed decisions about participation

Significant progress made

Initial aspects of design have been undertaken including consultation with a range of sport sector representatives to better understand participation data needs, identify major issues or gaps, and inform reporting outputs to maximise the survey’s usefulness.

The scope for the ASC’s annual national participation data collection tool, to be known as the AusPlay survey, has been defined. The survey will collect data on sport and selected active recreation activities with an annual sample size of 20,000 for adults and approximately 5,000 for children.

The procurement phase has been delayed, preventing implementation this year. The AusPlay survey is now expected to be designed in the second half of 2015 and field work expected to begin in late 2015.

Implement the Sporting Schools initiative


The AASC programme was successfully closed on 31 December 2014.

Transition to the new Sporting Schools programme is complete with key milestones of web-based registrations and grant applications going live in February and May 2015 respectively.

A transition programme was implemented in term 2 of 2015 to help 1,588 schools that had been involved in the AASC programme move to Sporting Schools and 32 NSOs establish new partnership arrangements.

Sporting Schools programme delivery officially begins in July 2015.