Our approach

As the ASC’s high performance agency, the AIS has continued to lead on meeting the targets of the ASC’s high performance agenda. We are building a more agile system under Australia’s Winning Edge to get the right support to the right sports and the right athletes.

In 2014–15 the AIS continued to roll out Australia’s Winning Edge initiatives and continued to work in partnership with NSOs, state institutes and academies of sport and peak bodies (Australian Olympic Committee, Australian Paralympic Committee and the Australian Commonwealth Games Association) to deliver ongoing international success.

Australia's Winning Edge provides the high performance sports sector with clear performance targets and a framework for collaboration. The 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games provided an indication of how tight the competition will be at the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games, but the AIS and the Australian high performance sector are confident of delivering an improved result from the 2012 London Olympic Games.