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ERASS 2006

The Exercise, Recreation and Sport Survey (ERASS) was a joint initiative of the Australian Sports Commission and State and Territory Departments of Sport and Recreation, conducted on an annual basis between 2001 and 2010.

The first survey was conducted in 2001. This publication presents results from the sixth annual ERASS data collection, which was conducted in 2006.


Following the release of the Participation in Exercise, Recreation and Sport Annual Report 2006, an error was found that has a minor impact on the data in that report. The error arose because the organisation that was contracted to produce the tables used population estimates that are inconsistent with those underpinning past ERASS publications. They used what the Australian Bureau of Statistics call Estimated Resident Population (ERP) figures, instead of the population in Occupied Private Dwellings (OPD). The ERP figures include persons in special dwellings such as hospitals and nursing homes who are outside the scope of ERASS (they numbered about 540 000 persons aged 15 years and over in 2006). As a result, the 2006 report exaggerated the size of the population that ERASS covers by about 3%, and this error automatically flowed proportionately into estimates of the number of participants. Note that the physical activity participation rates remain virtually unchanged because the number of participants and the population were both exaggerated on approximately the same scale.

To ensure that users of ERASS data have easy access to data that gives a true picture of participation over time, revised data for 2006 are provided in this publication.  

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