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Q. Where can I find sports contacts?

A. The Australian Sports Organisations page provides links to national and state sport directories which have contact details for national, state and territory sporting organisations.

Q. Where can I find information about Australian athletes?

A. We do not release personal contact details, including email addresses, for Australian athletes.

Q. Where can I find fitness and training advice?

A. The Australian Sports Commission, including the Australian Institute of Sport, does not provide personal fitness or training programs. For an individually tailored program contact a coach or fitness centre in your area. For contact details of National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) that may be able to direct you to the closest coach within Australia, try our Australian Sports Directory. Before undertaking any training or fitness program you should first check with your physician, and also verify with a professional the appropriateness of the program for you.

Q. Where can I get legal advice about sport?

A. The Australian Sports Commission does not provide legal advice to individuals. ANZSLA, the Sports Law Association, will be able to direct you to lawyers specialising in sports law. The Australian Government ComLaw website may be of assistance if you are searching for information on Australian case law and legislation related to sport. The Play by the rules website has relevant information for clubs and sporting organisations on harassment, ethics, and discrimination policies and legislation, model member protection policies and free online training in a number of these concept areas.

Q. I need advice about a medical problem, can you help?

A. The Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport do not provide direct medical advice to members of the public. For medical advice please consult your local doctor or contact the relevant state branch of Sports Medicine Australia or Australasian College of Sports Physicians who will be able to give you a list of sports doctors in your local area.

Q. What should I eat and drink when training or competing? What's the best diet?A. The Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport do not provide direct personal nutrition advice. The Australian Institute of Sport Nutrition page includes detailed fact sheets about many topics which may be of assistance. For personal nutrition advice please contact Sports Dietitians Australia who will be able to give you a list of sports dietitians in your local area.

Q. Where can I find statistics about Australian sport participation?

A. The Exercise, Recreation and Sport Survey (ERASS) ran from 2001-2010 and was last updated in February 2012. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is the most current source of participation statistics in Australia. They collect and publish statistics on a number of issues related to sport and recreation including participation, expenditure, international trade, employment, earnings, volunteers, attendance, retailing, manufacturing and facilities. Many publications are freely available by visiting the ABS website.

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Did you know?

Gold Coast 2018 is the 5th Commonwealth Games to be hosted by Australia.

Quick numbers

11.6 million Australian adults participate in sport or physical activity three or more times per week.
3.2 million Australian children participate in organised sport or physical activity outside of school.
$10 billion is spent annually by Australians on fees for participation in sport or physical activity.
17 million Australian adults participate in a sport or physical activity every year.
650 thousand Australians either coach, teach or instruct sport.