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Sports Tally a report card for sport

Sports Tally 2014
Sports Tally 2014 is a report card for Australian sport.

02 Apr 2014

Less than 18 months after announcing Australia’s Winning Edge, the AIS today released its inaugural Sports Tally indicating Australia’s international sporting performances are on an upward trajectory with Australian athletes achieving 25 world championships across a diverse array of sports.

Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Chair John Wylie AM said Sports Tally 2014 was a significant assessment of each sport’s performance, that reflected the Commission’s commitment to accountability for tax payer funding and Australian sport.

“This is the first ever publicly available report card on how AIS-supported sports are performing,” Wylie said.

“We have set clear and ambitious goals for Australian achievement in international sport and we believe this reporting framework through the Sports Tally is an important step along the path.”

Wylie praised the progress made by sports since the London Olympics.

“I commend the united approach taken by sports to embrace reform, no better exemplified than by Swimming Australia which has, through its renewed leadership, implemented significant constitutional change and an improved team culture.”

AIS Director Matt Favier said Sports Tally 2014 highlighted the new role for the AIS investing in achievement through initiatives like Campaign Rio, the AIS Centre for Performance Coaching and Leadership, and new sports science/sport medicine principles.

“I’m confident the Sports Tally will focus the sport sector on achieving world best performances and I congratulate sports for their willingness to embrace the significant changes made under Australia’s Winning Edge,” he said.

The Sports Tally includes a rating out of five on how each sport measured up against the targets set for high performance success in 2013.

It assesses how each sport performed overall, including in the areas of governance and participation, also indicating the amount of funding the Government invests in each sport as a percentage of the sport’s total revenue.

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