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AIS releases sports supplement framework

AIS Director Matt Favier said the supplements framework was developed as part of Australia’s Winning Edge game plan.

08 Jul 2014

The AIS has released a new sports supplement framework that provides Australian sporting organisations with information and guidelines they can follow to keep integrity in their own sports supplements programs.

AIS Director Matt Favier said the framework was developed as part of Australia’s Winning Edge game plan following consultations with stakeholders in the Australian sports system since last year’s AIS Sports Supplement Summit in Canberra.

“We have developed expertise and resources at the AIS over the last 13 years that we can share and will help sports develop their own supplement policies,” Favier said.

“The framework will contribute to the checks and balances that protect the integrity of Australian sport against unethical and unsafe practices.

“As Australia’s leading high performance sport agency we can assist Australian sporting organisations and agencies to develop their own sports supplement programs and guidelines through the framework.

“We are inviting high performance stakeholders to provide experts to a series of tiger team projects that will continue to develop the central principles and resources of the AIS Sports Supplement Framework.

“It is important that we harness all expertise from sporting associations, academia and the institute/academy environment to drive this project.”

AIS Head of Nutrition Louise Burke said the framework comprised a number of elements including provision, education, research and governance which can be integrated by sports.

“The use of supplements and sports foods by athletes is a balance between potential benefits and risks like a waste of resources, distraction, poor role modelling and anti-doping rule violations,” Burke said.

“We have seen in recent times that poor practice with supplements can lead to substantial problems. As a result Australian sporting organisations have been asked to implement clear guidelines for athletes so their use of supplements is safe, effective and legal.

“By providing this framework we can assist sport in Australia to achieve these goals.”

An expanded AIS Sports Supplement panel involving internal (AIS) and external experts has been appointed.

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