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Merger puts taekwondo on the right path

Taekwondo is an emerging sport in Australia.

18 Sep 2014

The merging of two taekwondo bodies into one – TKD Sports Taekwondo Australia Ltd – should create a stronger future for the sport, according to Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Chief Executive Officer Simon Hollingsworth.

He said the merger between Taekwondo Australia (TA) and Sports Taekwondo Australia (STA) will provide the sport better governance, and a greater chance to increase participation and high performance outcomes.

“I congratulate TA President Hassan Iskandar and Chair Danny Crkvencic, and their STA counterparts, John Kotsifas and Stuart Lee, for their work in helping to create Sports Taekwondo Australia, formally known as TKD Sports Taekwondo Australia Ltd (STAL),” Hollingsworth said.

“The ASC confirms its recognition of STAL as the national sporting organisation for taekwondo in Australia after the commission and the World Taekwondo Federation helped broker the merger.

“The newly appointed independent chair of STAL, John Walker, has a strong international business background that will ensure the sport has the best possible start under its new governance arrangements.

“Taekwondo is an emerging sport in Australia with its athletes likely to have top-eight finishes and be outside medal chances at the next Olympic Games and World Championships. However, taekwondo has long-term potential with athletes such as 2013 world champion Carmen Marton paving the way for more success.

“This is further strengthened by taekwondo’s inclusion as a targeted sport in the latest AIS Sports Draft searching for future international athletes. The ASC congratulates everyone involved in the merger for their commitment and hard work in what should be a great example of sporting bodies coming together for the overall benefit of their sport.”

The first meeting of STAL is scheduled for 21 September. The Australian Government, through the ASC and AIS, provided $355,000 for taekwondo in 2014-2015. The Direct Athlete Support (DAS) scheme provided $41,000 in funding to athletes in 2013-2014.

“The AIS has developed a strong working relationship with Lead Technical Coach for Australian taekwondo, Ali Khalil, who will convert this investment into medal potential athletes to maximise high performance outcomes for taekwondo in Rio and beyond,” Hollingsworth said.

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