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AIS launches biggest investment in athlete wellbeing

Jessica Fox
AIS Director Matt Favier said Personal Excellence is designed to assist athletes to make informed decisions that impact their performance in sport and life.

14 Oct 2014


The AIS has launched the most significant athlete wellbeing program in its history to make sure Australia’s top athletes are given the best possible access to education and information to manage their actions and decisions in sport and life.

AIS Director Matt Favier said the program, called Personal Excellence, is designed to assist athletes to make informed decisions that impact their performance in sport and life.

“The goal of Personal Excellence is to assist athletes to identify their unique path with a responsible and professional approach to all aspects of their sporting career and life,” he said.

“It helps make athletes aware that the decisions they make along the high performance pathway, whether they be in the media, on social media or in their private lives, have an impact on their performance.

“Personal Excellence takes the support the AIS provides to athletes to a new level in an era where there is greater media scrutiny and pressure on all areas of an athlete’s life.”

A key program initiative for athletes is the development of an athlete only, e-adaptive learning community called myAISplaybook  (athletes will see the "welcome video" below when they log on to myAISplaybook).

myAISplaybook  allows the AIS to directly deliver the principles of Personal Excellence, (professional, accountable, resilient, responsible, integrity) as well as address contemporary issues faced by athletes.

In addition to guidance and educational content, myAISplaybook will allow our high performance athletes to:

  • view paid and volunteer job opportunities
  • hear from high-profile role models
  • access relevant news stories from across the world
  • keep in touch with fellow athletes in a secure online environment
  • access compliance requirements associated with dAIS funding for eligible athletes (continuing dAIS support payments are linked to athletes using myAISplaybook).

Personal Excellence and myAISplaybook  are designed to make sure athletes make informed decisions and successfully progress through their athletic and life journey.

myAISplaybook  was developed following independent research by the AIS and in collaboration with national sporting organisations, state institutes and academies, the Australian Olympic Committee and Australian Paralympic Committee and Australian Commonwealth Games Association.

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