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ExperienceAIS gives visitors a fresh approach

ExperienceAIS is a new website and entertainment resource.

24 Aug 2015

It is Australia’s premier elite sporting precinct, but the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is opening its doors like never before to ensure everyone can enjoy the entertainment, sport, fitness, corporate and tourism experiences available at its Canberra campus.

ExperienceAIS is a new website and entertainment resource that shows you don’t have to be an aspiring Olympian – or even a sports enthusiast - to enjoy a visit to the AIS in Canberra.

While the AIS remains the strategic base for high-performance sport in Australia, the campus also  provides unprecedented public access via guided tours, fun sporting experiences, training or holiday camps, concerts, entertainment events, corporate hire and health and fitness facilities.

“The AIS has built a strong international reputation as an elite training base at the cutting edge of sports research, but many people are unaware of the huge range of other activities available to the public at our Canberra site” said Australian Sports Commission CEO Simon Hollingsworth.

“There’s plenty to thrill sporting fans, young and old. On any given day we can have Olympic, Paralympic, World, or Commonwealth champions training on site, while children are having fun testing their skills in the virtual and interactive exhibit Sportex. Families can take guided tours and see Olympic memorabilia, while schools and clubs can stage sporting events at world-class facilities.

“You don’t even have to be a sporting enthusiast to benefit from a visit to the AIS. There are 11 versatile venues available for corporate or entertainment hire.

“The AIS Arena is proving to be a popular venue for international concerts and shows, but there are a myriad of possibilities including conferences, gala events, trade shows, team building programs and even weddings.

“ExperienceAIS will help promote one of Canberra’s best kept secrets, making it easier than ever for anyone to discover just how amazing and inspiring a visit to the AIS can be.”

The ExperienceAIS website also provides information on the AIS shop, where customers can dress like a champion, details of upcoming events and timetables for aquatic and fitness offerings.

In the website’s launch phase, visitors can access information, make booking enquiries and shop online.

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