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AIS helps roll out Oar Inspired technology

Kim Crow
Oar Inspired technology could help rowers such as Kim Crow.
Rowing gates
Oar Inspired technology could help rowers such as Kim Crow.

14 Oct 2015

Australian rowers are set to benefit from a new collaboration between the AIS, Rowing Australia and Brisbane-based company Oar Inspired, which will underpin the rollout of Oar Inspired’s ground breaking new performance data measurement technology.

The collaboration project, titled A Next Generation Performance Instrumentation System for Elite Rowers, ensures that Australia’s elite rowing crews, coaching staff and sports scientists will be the first in the world to experience how Oar Inspired’s innovative IntelliGate® oar lock system provides crews, coaches and scientists with the most comprehensive set of measurements on key performance data ever available in rowing.

Head of AIS’ Innovation, Research and Development, Joe Winter, said the collaboration with Oar Inspired meant that Australia’s elite rowers would be the first in the world to have access to data about their performance that was more comprehensive than ever previously available in the sport.

"The Oar Inspired technology has the potential to give our athletes, coaches and their support staff “actionable data” that informs not only training load, but measures to optimise technique to get the most out of each stroke" Winter said.

"The AIS is keen to promote Aussie innovation in the quest to take on the world at major sporting events, and Oar Inspired has come up with something that will benefit our elite Australian athletes greatly."

Oar Inspired’s Founder and Solutions Architect, Des Jacobsen, said the collaboration confirmed the critical role that new technology played in developing sporting excellence.

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