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Sports Commission looks to digital media options

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Australian Sports Commission Chair John Wylie AM.

28 Aug 2013

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) today called for formal proposals on how to best deliver sport content through digital and new media as part of an investigation into the feasibility of a multi sport digital platform for Australian sports.

ASC Chair John Wylie said the concept of a multi sport platform was worth exploring as all sports looked to increase their exposure and give their fan base the best possible access and experience.

“This is about investigating whether there are long-term commercially viable opportunities for sports that do not have regular broadcasting rights arrangements,” Wylie said.

“There are more than five million Australians who participate in non-professional sports regularly.  As a collective, this group has a large and passionate supporter base who I believe would love to see more ways of watching, experiencing and interacting with their sport.”

The initiative is part of the ASC’s commitment to better understanding how more sports, not just the professional codes, can benefit from new digital content opportunities to not only broaden their market appeal, but better service their existing members and fans.  

Since first publicly flagging this initiative earlier this year, the ASC has seen much interest in the proposal from the commercial sector which has helped refine the project scope.

General Manager of Participation and Sustainable Sport Anthony Moore said it was crucial to investigate digital technology and the multiple platforms available to the market to consider whether these models can be commercially viable. 

“A priority for the Commission is to investigate how best to support sports to develop more sustainable and commercial business models through technology and innovation,” he said.

“If this is proven to be viable, there could be an enormous opportunity to enhance a sport’s ability to realise the potential for commercial return as well as provide the stars of their sport greater exposure to the fan base.”

The request for proposal for the feasibility study of multi sport digital platform closes on September 20. From there a successful applicant will be chosen to undertake the study.

Download the request for proposal.

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