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ASC welcomes review of athletics in Australia

Athletics review
Simon Hollingsworth says there should be a merger of the junior and senior sectors of athletics.

27 Feb 2015

Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Chief Executive Simon Hollingsworth said the recommendations in the Independent Review of Athletics in Australia would guide the sport to achieving its potential.

“It’s clear from this review that a ‘business as usual’ approach is not an option for athletics in this country,” Hollingsworth said.

“The key theme of the report that athletics should be ONE SPORT is overwhelmingly endorsed by the ASC.

“The ASC remains firmly of the view that the merger of junior and senior sectors of the sport is critical for its long-term viability.

“The review concluded athletics was a disjointed sport and Athletics Australia had become increasingly reliant on government funding as corporate support diminished after the Sydney Olympics. For athletics to be sustainable, clearly this must change.

“This report provides an evidence base to support some of the key issues that prompted the ASC to commission the review. The research, interviews and submissions clearly identify long-term systemic problems around governance, leadership, high performance programs and funding.

“The implementation plan, as identified by panel chair John Buchanan, sets out a clear timeline for change which all stakeholders in athletics can follow.

“The athletics community is proud and passionate and the recommendations in this report provide a catalyst to make the changes needed to ensure athletics takes its rightful place in Australia’s sporting landscape.

“The Australian Sports Commission will work closely with Athletics Australia as it leads the sport through the changes that are required.”

The review received 51 submissions and conducted 136 interviews.

“I’d like to thank John Buchanan and the panel for their work along with all the people who made submissions and provided input into this review,” Hollingsworth said.

“The change in culture in Australian swimming, which was evident at last year’s Commonwealth Games following soon after the 2013 Independent Smith Review, shows how quickly positive change can occur with the right mindset and behaviours.”

The Australian Sports Commission has received the Independent Review of Athletics in Australia from panel chair John Buchanan and will now review the individual recommendations in full and make a detailed response.


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