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Shooting outside the circle

Former AFL legend Matthew Richardson with young girls tries his hand at netball coaching
Matthew ‘Richo’ Richardson has a go at coaching young participants in a junior netball team — and quickly realises it’s no easy feat.

20 Apr 2015

For Matthew ‘Richo’ Richardson, a man with three AFL all-Australian credentials under his belt, coaching a junior netball team will be a breeze, right? Perhaps not.

In this video on the ASC’s Community Coaching General Principles course, Richo quickly realises that his sporting prowess isn’t enough; to be a successful coach will take time, persistence and a bit of help. Watch the girls be put through their paces by Richo with a hilarious array of boot camp-style training drills.

This video along with the football and cricket spins on Richo’s coaching celebrates the launch of the Community Coaching course. The course will help coaches develop their skills so the people they coach can have a fun and safe experience.

Join the 50,000 people and enrol in the Community Coaching course via the Australian Sports Commission’s Learning Portal to enhance your own coaching experience. 

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