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Sporting Schools up and running!

Minister for Health and Sport, Sussan Ley launched the Sporting Schools programme in Sydney today.
Minister for Health and Sport, Sussan Ley launched the Sporting Schools programme in Sydney on 20 July.

20 Jul 2015

Hundreds of thousands of primary students across Australia will play organised sport before, during and after school as part of a $100 million Australian Government initiative to keep them fit, healthy and happy.

Australian Sports Commission (ASC) CEO, Simon Hollingsworth joined the Minister for Health and Sport, Sussan Ley and children from Sydney’s Werrington Public School to launch this national initiative.

“Sporting Schools has been a collaborative effort between the Australian Government, the ASC and more than 30 of Australia’s national sporting organisations to drive participation in sport,” Mr Hollingsworth said.

“All Australian primary schools can now access fantastic sporting products developed by some of the nation’s leading sporting organisations,” Mr Hollingsworth said. 

“Sporting Schools was developed on the basis of ‘skills not drills’ to help children develop a strong connection to sport and participation at a young age. This programme is a great example of the nation’s sporting community working together to help Australian children get active and into organised sport,” Mr Hollingsworth said.

The Australian Institute of Sport has also developed a new online resource offering tips to parents about how they could nurture their child’s growing interest in sport and convert it into a life-time love of participation.

“Sporting Schools is an important programme because it will allow our kids to try different types of sports through programmes tailored to make it more enjoyable for little ones,” Ms Ley said.

“The crucial next step is to convert this interest into a full-time love by getting our kids to join up to their local sporting club or group of choice. Parents have a central role in nurturing this,” the Minister said.

“Whether it’s a competitive game of footy or a regular social basketball game – it doesn’t matter – your child is up, active and more likely to stick with it if it’s organised and structured. That’s what this helpful resource for parents is all about, covering everything from getting your child engaged in sport, how to support their skill development tips on how to manage a sport-life balance,” Ms Ley said.


Five tips to nurture your child’s sporting development

TIP 1: Foster a full range of fundamental movement skills. This includes kicking or hitting a ball, running, jumping, climbing and basic aquatic skills.

TIP 2: Promote play with your children by setting up diverse and stimulating environments at home. Use a variety of areas around the home, like the backyard or even the hallway, to play. Provide a variety of sports equipment. Encourage ambidexterity (use of limbs on both sides of the body)

TIP 3: Foster everyday sport activity at home and be an effective support provider. Limit screen time at home. Provide a positive encouragement for sporting activity and get involved.

TIP 4: Insist on the right sport format and equipment. Sporting Schools provides a great choice of appropriate sport formats for primary school children that are lots of fun. Buy the right sized equipment.

TIP 5: Sample and have fun! Resist the temptation for your child to specialise in one sport too early. Sampling a large range of sports, at least until the age of 15, is likely to assist the development of a full range of sporting skills, coordination and control. It also minimises the risks of overuse injuries and allows kids to work out which sports they like most.

For more information on these tips, and others, go to: Top 10 tips for parents
Want to know more about Sporting Schools? Go to the Sporting Schools website.

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