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Commonwealth Games medallist launches AASC softball program

AASC softball Norther territory program school launch
Sprinter Crystal Attenborough launched a partnership between Softball NT and the AASC program.

17 Feb 2014

NT track sprinter Crystal Attenborough launched a partnership between Softball NT and the Active After-school Communities (AASC) program in Darwin to encourage children to develop a lifelong love of sport.

Under this partnership, nearly 500 children from Darwin, Palmerston and remote schools will have the opportunity to try softball after school during Term 1. 

As a AASC ambassador Crystal Attenborough said the program takes a community approach to get more children being active.

“Children are provided with a positive introduction to sport with the aim of encouraging them to develop a lifelong love of sport by participating in club, school or other community sport outside the program.” 

Softball NT Executive Officer Tania Liddle said, “The AASC program provides a dynamic and positive opportunity for local sporting clubs and associations to grow membership, improve resources and aid long-term sustainability. 

“It creates links between children and local sporting clubs and is focused on promoting participation in sport and growing junior membership.”

The AASC program allows clubs to showcase their sport, club facilities and club coaches to primary school children, parents, school teachers and other local community members. In addition, it provides opportunities for members of the local community to become involved as community coaches.  

An Australian Government initiative delivered by the Australian Sports Commission, the AASC program is run in more than 3,200 schools and after school care centres in all states and territories, with approximately 190,000 children participating each term.

The AASC program provides children with the opportunity to try a wide variety of sports and other structured physical activities through a positive and fun experience. In doing so, the program aims to encourage children to develop a love of sport that motivates them to join a local sporting club and get participants and their families active for life. 

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