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New Sporting Schools website launched

Children playing basketball for the Sporting Schools initiative
The Australian Sports Commission launches the Sporting Schools website.

19 Nov 2014

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) launched the new Sporting Schools website today, as part of an initiative to help strengthen the connection between schools and sport so that all Australian children can get active and experience the joy of sport.

From 2015, Sporting Schools will become Australia’s largest participation program for all children to foster a lifelong interest in sport. It will also fund sporting activities in more than 5,700 schools and provide access to a range of trained community coaches.

With a $100 million investment from the Australian Government, ASC Chief Executive Simon Hollingsworth said that Sporting Schools will draw on the successful elements of the ASC’s Active After-school Communities (AASC) programme, which concludes on 31 December 2014.

'Sporting Schools will have a range of new features to connect schools with their local sporting community to deliver quality sporting experiences to students,' he said.

'Schools and sports will be able to apply for funding to deliver attractive and relevant sporting experiences for all children across Australia.'

In February 2015, schools, coaches and sporting organisations will be encouraged to register to be part of the Sporting Schools network with practical sessions set to begin in July 2015.

Sporting Schools will offer flexible delivery options to enable schools to tailor a range of sporting programmes, either before, during or after school. It will engage more than 850,000 Australian children and complement schools’ existing Physical Education curriculum to expand sports participation not only in schools, but also in the wider community.

All Australian primary schools can be part of the Sporting Schools programme. Sporting clubs and deliverers linked with the Sporting Schools National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) can also take part.

Sporting Schools is a part of the Australian Government’s commitment to tackling increasing levels of obesity and foster a lifelong passion for sports among children.

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11.6 million Australian adults participate in sport or physical activity three or more times per week.
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