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AusPlay survey data collection begins

The Australian Sports Commission this week announced the commencement of AusPlay, the ASC’s national population tracking survey.

26 Nov 2015

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) CEO Simon Hollingsworth this week announced the commencement of AusPlay, the ASC’s national population tracking survey.

The announcement took place at the SPLISS World Congress on Elite Sport Policy in Melbourne on 23 November and followed a presentation of AusPlay to the sport sector at the Our Sporting Future conference in late October. As of early this week, more than 2,400 interviews had been conducted.

AusPlay fills a major gap in national sport and physical recreation data following the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ decision in 2014 to cease funding for all sport and recreation data collection. It will become the single-source data currency for government and the sport sector that not only tracks Australian sport participation behaviours but also informs investment, policy and sport delivery.

AusPlay is a key part of the ASC’s Play.Sport.Australia. participation strategy. It’s a demonstration of the ASC’s commitment to providing robust data and sport market insights to help the sector better understand the participation landscape and identify strategies to grow participation. For the first time in Australia adults and children’s sport and physical recreation participation will be collected on the same national survey vehicle. This will help the sector better understand the relationship between parents and children when it comes to sport participation.

ORC International (ORC) is the ASC’s research partner to deliver AusPlay, which has been designed and tested following extensive industry consultation. This consultation will continue in 2016, with a stakeholder workshop planned for May to discuss interim data ahead of publishing the first AusPlay results around October.

Some quick facts about AusPlay:

  • It will capture sport and physical recreation behaviours and market insights across organised and non-organised activities in a dual sample frame (landline and mobile) telephone survey of 20,000 adults and around 3,000 children.
  • Data collection for AusPlay began in late October 2015 and ORC is conducting over 400 interviews each week.
  • The first AusPlay results will likely be published around October 2016.
  • Factsheets on AusPlay findings will be released quarterly from October 2016 onwards.
  • A dedicated page on the Clearinghouse for Sport has been established to communicate information about AusPlay.

For further details about AusPlay please contact the Sport Market Insights team at the ASC via email on

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