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Nicholl Moller
Touch football plays an integral role in the Moller family's life

24 Jan 2018

In this time-poor world there’s a family that always find time for sport and voluntarily so, because they live and breathe sport day in, day out.

As any sport will tell you, volunteers are “the lifeblood”.

The Moller family are testimony to this. During the footy season they spend a lot of time on the fields at Kingaroy, about 200 kilometres north-west of Brisbane, to help ensure their local touch football matches are played in a fair, safe and enjoyable environment.

“Our family’s greatest sporting moments involves my husband and eldest daughter refereeing side by side at state touch events,” Nichole Moller said.

Touch football plays an important part in the Moller household. As the Kingaroy Touch Football Club President, Nichole also coaches her eldest daughter’s under 16 side. She acknowledges the special bond her two daughters share with her husband as they move through the levels of officiating with Touch Football Australia. Both girls are following Nichole’s lead as they coach junior teams within the club.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are more than 1.8 million volunteers in sport, making it the largest volunteer sector in the country. It is no exaggeration to say that without them grassroots sport in Australia would wither and die.

Australian Sports Commission (ASC) research shows that the greatest barrier to sport volunteering is not having a direct involvement or interest in sport.  And a parent’s participation is key (either in their own or their child’s sport).

“To me, it’s not ‘do you have sport in your life?’ it’s how can I make it part of my life,” Nichole said.

“Sport teaches you teamwork, discipline, determination, and dedication. It teaches you about life.

“It has also given both my husband and I an opportunity to spend more time with our children, rather than simply sitting on the sidelines and watching them.”

And Nichole’s message for armchair parents?

“Just play. Not everyone is going to be a Wally Lewis, Libby Trickett, or Cathy Freeman, but anyone can go to a local sporting club of their choice and play.”

“And if your body’s no longer up to it, there are other options to get involved. Take a coaching course, get on a committee, volunteer for the club canteen – all are rewarding.”

The Moller family’s top three tips for families playing sport:

  1. Cater for your children’s interests. Everyone is different. In our family, my daughters, husband and I love our footy but our son dances – and we embrace that! Always be supportive of your children no matter what.
  2. Teach your children early how to lose with dignity or win with humility.
  3. Remember that the majority of people you will come across in your family’s sporting life are volunteers. Respect them and the time they have given up for your family.

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