Sideline Champions

Sideline Connections Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of the Sideline Connections, a newsletter that will be published every month from October 2017 to June 2018 to keep all registered Sideline Champions connected and updated. We hope by assisting you with being the best prepared Sideline Champion, that you will be able to effectively support your athlete, that you and your athlete will have a wonderful Games experience and that the Sideline Champions program will provide the Australian Team with the competitive edge for a home Games.

Sideline Connections will focus on the various stages an athlete may experience and need to manage leading into, during and post a benchmark sporting event like the 2018 Commonwealth Games.  Each issue will feature a short video or podcast as well as information relating to the Sideline Champions program, along with things to consider when planning your Games.  It will celebrate athlete selections, provide insights into ways to support your athlete during a key transition, where to seek support as well as interesting facts and history about the Commonwealth Games.  There is also a FAQ section where the Sideline Champions team have replied to your various questions.

Please enjoy Sideline Connections. Sideline Champions Team.

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