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Cycling Australia - Family and Friends support

Published: 19 Dec 2017

Mark Gregory, Cycling Australia, Senior Personal Excellence Adviser, will act as the central point of contact for the Commonwealth Games Track Athletes' Sideline Champions in Brisbane.

Mark's role will be to engage with and support Track Cyclists' family and significant others in the lead up to, during, and after the Games; allowing them to be the best prepared Sideline Champion, and athletes can focus on their performance goals. The Road and MTB Athletes will have access to a similar lounge at the Griffith University campus next to the Commonwealth Games Village (CGV).

Track Cycling legend and CWG18 Ambassador, Anna Meares OAM has reflected reflect on the importance of managing family and friends' expectations, and balance performance expectations;

"Supporting family and friends at the games is really important because it alleviates much stress from the plate of athletes as possible.

The stress of loved ones overseas in foreign countries, or even at a home major games, hoping and constantly in contact for information to get or collect tickets can be overwhelming in a multi sport environment; where competition brings a natural space of nerves, adrenaline, pressure and expectation.

Everyone loves and cares for their family, and a family unit contributes so significantly not to just the life of a member, but to an athlete they are their support net; their world.

To have a central person as a point of contact for families, prior to and during the games, allows the athlete to focus on the task at hand knowing full well their family will be contacted regularly and kept well informed when it comes to ticketing, points of collection, access to athletes and venues; just to name a short list.

Having that anchor, a solid person, as a point of contact I believe to be crucial to game day or competition day success."

Mark will be travelling to the Games, managing the Sideline Champions lounge for Track and Para-cycling; based in Brisbane. The lounge will be open to accredited staff, GC2018 Australian Commonwealth Games Team members, and nominated Sideline Champions only. This will be the area to meet and support our Track Athletes at specific times during the Track Cycling competition.

Mark can be contacted via and 0418 891 440

Mark Gregory