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As part of the organisation's risk management process, it should:

  • Be aware of the environmnet it is operating in. This would include the:
    • Rules
    • Regulations
    • Legislation
  • Identify the risks:
    • Sources of risk;
    • When and where the risk could happen;
    • The effect of the risk on the organisation's objectives; and
    • Who might be impacted.
  • Analyse the risks
    • Consider the likelihood and consequences of the risk happening.
  • Evaluate the risks
    • What is the organisation's risk tolerance, high or low?
    • Can the risk be dealt with?
    • Is it tolerable or intolerable?
  • Deal with the risks
    • Select how to deal with the risk
      • avoid the risk
      • take the risk
      • minimise the risk
  • Remove the source of the risk
  • Change the consequence of the risk
    • assess the cost and benefits of delaing with the risk
    • deal with the risk


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Gold Coast 2018 is the 5th Commonwealth Games to be hosted by Australia.

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11.6 million Australian adults participate in sport or physical activity three or more times per week.
3.2 million Australian children participate in organised sport or physical activity outside of school.
$10 billion is spent annually by Australians on fees for participation in sport or physical activity.
17 million Australian adults participate in a sport or physical activity every year.
650 thousand Australians either coach, teach or instruct sport.