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Codes of behaviour or conduct

What is a code of conduct or behaviour?

A code of conduct or behaviour can be described as a set of statements that set out what you club considers to be an acceptable standard of behaviour and conduct. These codes explain how your club expects its members and their guests to behave. Codes of conduct or behaviour provide a guide and basis of expectations for a club. They encourage commitment to ethical and professional behaviour and outline principles on which a club is based.

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Did you know?

Gold Coast 2018 is the 5th Commonwealth Games to be hosted by Australia.

Quick numbers

11.6 million Australian adults participate in sport or physical activity three or more times per week.
3.2 million Australian children participate in organised sport or physical activity outside of school.
$10 billion is spent annually by Australians on fees for participation in sport or physical activity.
17 million Australian adults participate in a sport or physical activity every year.