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WHS Action Areas

Work health and safety action areas

Here are some work health and safety (WHS) areas that sporting clubs may need to action. It is strongly recommended you consult with your national or state body first, as they may have specific requirements in these areas.

First Aid

Clubs must provide:

  • first aid equipment - a well-stocked, accessible first aid kit
  • a facility to administer first aid
  • trained first aiders
  • signage indicating where first aid is located
  • first aid procedures
  • training and information to workers (including volunteers)

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Emergency Plans

Clubs must have a written emergency plan that covers:

  • procedures outlining the response to various emergencies (such as fire, medical, physical confrontations)
  • testing of emergency plans
  • training and instruction for workers (including volunteers).

Further reading:

  • Code of Practice: Managing the Workplace Environment and Facilities
  • Emergency Plans Fact Sheet

Both at

Safe facilities

Clubs must provide:

  • A safe work environment including:
    • safe entry and exit points
    • clean and tidy working environment
    • adequate space
    • maintained floors and surfaces
    • adequate lighting
    • adequate ventilation
    • protection from extreme temperatures
  • Welfare facilities including:
    • toilets
    • drinking water
    • hand washing facilities
    • a place to eat meals

If the workplace is temporary, mobile or remote, then adapt the welfare facilities. For example, provide bottled water or give workers directions to public toilets.

  • Protection for outdoor work:
    • access to shelter (such as a tent)
    • protection against ultraviolet exposure (such as avoiding working outside from 10am to 2pm where possible), and providing extra consideration to remote or isolated work (such as a coach training a team alone at night)
    • assess and control risks (such as buddy systems or mobile phones).

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