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Reviewing your safety system

Once you have worked through the Sporting clubs guide to a safe workplace, it is time to review steps you have taken to improve the way your sporting club manages work health and safety (WHS). Fill in this checklist by ticking the boxes as you complete the required actions. The review will help you identify areas you may still need to address. It does not ensure you have done all you need to do to comply with your WHS duties.

My program review checklist:

  • our club started this WHS program on _ /_ /_
  • the club committee understands WHS responsibilities
  • the committee know where to get free information and advice about WHS
  • all workers, including volunteers, in the clubs workplace are aware of our WHS
  • the club's workers, including volunteers, understand their WHS duties at work
  • the committee regularly talk with my workers, including volunteers, about WHS matters
  • the workers, including volunteers, are involved in decisions that may affect their health and safety
  • the club have a copy of the relevant WHS laws and Codes of Practice to help address specific hazards
  • the committee and workers have identified all hazards in the work environment
  • the committee have assessed the risks and prioritised identified hazards
  • the committee have implemented appropriate control measures to eliminate, or minimise so far as is reasonably practicable, the risks of the hazards we identified
  • in the event someone is injured or made ill at work, it is recorded
  • the committee have first aid facilities/resources and emergency procedures for our workplace
  • the committee will review the health and safety procedures on _ /_ /_

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