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Anti-Doping Search and Discovery Program

In 2005, the ASC implemented the Anti-Doping Search and Discovery Program. This is one of the elements of the ASC’s strategies to combat doping activities in sport. It involves the conduct of searches of AIS and ASC residential facilities and aims to:

  • deter athletes and support personnel from participating in doping activities
  • ensure premises are not used for doping activities
  • support and further develop the culture of accountability among athletes.

Under the terms of the AIS Canberra registration and conditions of use agreement, authorised representatives of the ASC and or the Australian Forensic Services (AFS) may, at any time and without prior notice, enter any AIS residence of championsor other premises provided by the AIS (for example, hotel rooms paid for by the AIS), conduct a search and remove any items they believe the possession of which may be in breach of the ASC Anti-Doping Policy, any AIS policy, any applicable anti-doping policy of another organisation, or any applicable law.

The ASC has contracted AFS to conduct the searches. Two to three AFSpersonnel will conduct each search with an independent observer in attendance. Authorised AFS personnel will each carry their own identification cards to every search. The ASC will not authorise any other person to conduct a search.

You should cooperate with authorised search personnel. Refusal by you to allow a search of your room or removal of an item, or to comply with reasonable directions given during a search by authorised personnel, may result in termination of an athlete’s scholarship agreement and/or action under the ASC Anti-Doping Policy.

Any personal property kept in an athletes room may be searched and/or removed, whether or not the property is owned by the athlete.

Important reminders when staying at the AIS and ASC

  • Do not keep medications that are out of date or for which you no longer have a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).
  • Do not use another person’s medications, including those of other athletes.
  • If you are an athlete and have been prescribed a medication which requires a TUE, please bring a copy of your TUE. 

Please be aware that if supplements or medications are visible within the AIS or ASC facilities, Search and Discovery procedures will be applied and verification of the supplements and medications will be required. Please consider this when using your supplements or medication at the AIS and ASC.

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