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Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA)'s mission is to protect Australia's sporting integrity through the elimination of doping.

To achieve its mission ASADA focuses on three key themes - to deter, detect, and enforce:

  • ASADA deters prohibited doping practices in sport via education, doping control (testing), advocacy and the coordination of Australia's anti-doping program;
  • ASADA detects a breach of a sport's anti-doping policy via its doping control (testing) and investigation programs;
  • and ASADA enforces any breach of a policy by ensuring those violating anti-doping rules are prosecuted and sanctioned.

ASADA reports to the Minister for Sport. From its head office in Canberra, ASADA operates under strict corporate governance guidelines and works closely with the Office of Sport within the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport.

Supplements in sport – Is your sporting career, reputation or health worth the risk?

Supplements have come under the microscope in recent months due to the release of the Australian Crime Commission report into Organised Crime and Drugs in Sport, which was released earlier this year.

In fact around 40% of athletes who have been sanctioned for ADRV’s in Australia, have been as a result of using a supplement that contained a prohibited substance or was contaminated with one during manufacture.

In recent months, ASADA has received hundreds of calls from athletes and support personnel asking about supplements, specifically, which ones were safe and which were not.

The response to these questions is generally the same; ASADA can’t advise on whether a supplement is safe or not because of the uncertainty of manufacturing processes.

To provide some clearer information on why ASADA can’t provide advice on supplements, the ASADA Education Team has produced a learning update on supplements in sport which is available in the eLearning section of the ASADA website as well as a video on the ASADA YouTube channel and Facebook page.

To find out more, go to:

ASADA eLearning and do the online learning update

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