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Postgraduate positions

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) regularly offer placements for sports science postgraduate students and Australasian College of Sports Physicians trainees.

Note that the Australian Institute of Sport is not an educational institution and does not offer educational scholarships.

Sports science postgraduate scholarships

Each year the AIS offers several placements of varying length and remuneration level to recently graduated sports science students. Details of these positions are advertised annual (August/September) and can be accessed via the  jobs page.

Each AIS postgraduate placement involves servicing one or more AIS sport programs, in addition to completing a research or learning project.

Postgraduate students wishing to apply for AIS placements are required to have completed their degree (or equivalent qualification conferred by a professional body) or achieved an outstanding record of work in one area of sports science, by 1 January in the year in which their intended placement begins. All placements require a high level of competency in written and spoken English.

Postgraduate students engaged in AIS placements are not permitted to carry out additional outside work or services without the written permission of the director of the AIS.

Medical registrar employment

The AIS Medicine program, run in conjunction with the Australasian College of Sports Physicians, offers selected medical registrar positions that involve servicing AIS teams, research opportunities, running teaching sessions, and conducting clinical sessions for Institute athletes.

Medical registrar positions are offered only to postgraduate medical practitioners currently training with the Australasian College of Sports Physicians.

For more information contact:

Medicine, Australian Sports Commission
Tel: (02) 6214 1578
Leverrier Street Bruce ACT 2617
PO Box 176 Belconnen ACT 2616

PhD scholarships

The Australian Sports Commission and Australian Institute of Sport offer regular PhD scholarship opportunities. Details are published on the respective program areas of this website.

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