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About us

Australian Sports Commission

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is the Australian Government agency responsible for supporting and investing in sport at all levels.

The ASC was established in 1985 under the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989 and operates in accordance with the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

The ASC is governed by a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Minister of Sport. The Board determines the ASC’s overall direction, decides on allocation of resources and policy for delegated decisions and is accountable to the Minister for Sport.

Our role is to increase involvement in sport and enable continued international sporting success through leadership and development of the sports sector, targeted financial support and the operation of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

We play a unique role in the sport ecosystem and tackle the big challenges and opportunities with and for the sector. We play different roles based on where and how we can add the most value through our expertise, leadership and voice.


Strategic  Vision:

Sport has a place for everyone and delivers results that make Australia proud.


The ASC will lead, support and provide opportunities for all communities to be involved in sport, while growing elite success and representation, inspiring future generations.

Our Strategic Goals




Key Focus Areas

Build the capability of sport and the people involved

Advocate for sport and its positive influence on Australia

Promote and support inclusive and diverse sporting environments

Drive thought leadership and innovation inspiring world's best practices

Optimise our facilities to advance sport and inspire Australians to get involved


At the ASC, we champion the value of sport. We encourage and help Australians of all backgrounds, ages and abilities to get involved in sport and enjoy the many benefits. We play a central leadership role across the broader sport sector through collaboration and direction.

To deliver on our objectives, the ASC is comprised of three divisions:

  • Australian Institute of Sport leads and enables a united and collaborative high performance sport system, that supports Australian athletes to achieve international podium success.
  • Sport Division manages national participation programs, develops sector wide resources, builds tools to support sport administrators, community coaches and volunteers, and promotes the values and benefits of sport.
  • Corporate Division supports the delivery of the strategy through effective and aligned enabling services and resources.

As a Corporate Commonwealth Entity (CCE), the ASC is funded by the Australian Government to support and invest in sport at all levels.

The ASC delivers a variety of grants through investment in high performance and national sport participation programs, performance pathways, people development and wellbeing, and research and innovation. We manage high performance operations at the AIS Campus in Canberra, supporting seven National Training Centres of Excellence, and a European Training Centre in Italy. Further, we individually support thousands of athletes and dozens of Australian sports through guidance and collaboration.


We wish to recognise our partners across the sport sector.

Alongside our sports, we continue to collaborate closely with our state and territory partners, including the National Institute Network and our key high performance Games partners which include the Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia and Commonwealth Games Australia.

We welcome the growing government ecosystem now available to support Australian sport, including Sport Integrity Australia, the National Sports Tribunal and partnerships with Government agencies, such as the Office for Sport, and the Office for Women and other Australian state and territory government agencies.

Our collaboration with all of these organisations, along with other Commonwealth Departments, academia and other sectors, will help us achieve our objectives and showcase the values and benefits of sport.

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