Appendix 2

Contact Officers


Australian Sports Commission
Leverrier Street


PO Box 176
Tel: (02) 6214 1111
Fax: (02) 6214 1836

Distribution officer

People, Capability and Communications
Australian Sports Commission
PO Box 176
Tel: (02) 6214 1111
Fax: (02) 6214 1836

Annual Report contact officer

Mr David Simpson
People, Capability and Communications
Australian Sports Commission
PO Box 176
Tel: (02) 6214 7342
Fax: (02) 6214 1836

Freedom of Information officer

Members of the public may make requests in writing to the Minister for Sport or to officers of the ASC regarding a range of policy and other matters.

Enquiries relating to access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 can be made to:

Freedom of Information officer
Australian Sports Commission
PO Box 176

Each request must be in writing, state that the request is an application for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act, provide information about the document/s to assist the ASC to process the request, and provide an address for reply.

It is ASC policy that, where they apply, charges should be imposed for processing requests. However, charges may be remitted, reduced or not imposed for reasons including financial hardship or general public interest. A range of documents and information is provided free on the ASC website at, including documents provided under the Information Publication Scheme or released through the Freedom of Information Disclosure Log.

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Australian Institute of Sport


Australian National Audit Office


Australian Olympic Committee


Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority


Australian Sports Commission


Australian Sports Foundation


Commonwealth Authorities and Companies


Committee of Australian Sport and Recreation Officials


Chief Executive Officer


Direct Athlete Support scheme


National Elite Sports Council


National Institute Network


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Public Governance, Performance and Accountability


Work Health and Safety

Summary of compliance

The ASC is bound by legislative requirements to disclose certain information in its annual report. The main requirements are detailed in the Commonwealth Authorities (Annual reporting) Orders and the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989.

annual report compliance requirements

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Report of operations prepared by the directors.


Financial statements prepared by the directors.

Auditor General’s report on the financial statements, addressed to the responsible minister.

Presentation to the responsible minister by the deadline specified for presentation to parliament.

The annual report is signed by a director and includes details of how and when approval was given.

The annual report states that directors are responsible for the preparation and contents of the annual report.

Enabling legislation is specified, including a summary of its objectives and functions, as specified in its legislation.

The name of the current responsible minister and any responsible ministers during the relevant financial year are specified.

Details of directions issued by the responsible minister, or other minister, under the enabling legislation and requirements of other relevant legislation.

Information about directors is provided, including names, qualifications, experience, attendance at Board meetings, and whether the director is an executive or non-executive director.

The annual report provides an outline of:

  • the organisational structure
  • the location, in Australia or elsewhere, of major activities and facilities
  • Board committees and their responsibilities
  • education and performance review processes for directors
  • ethics and risk management policies. 

The decision-making process undertaken by the Board in relation to transactions with other entities.

Any key activities and changes that affected the operations or structure of the organisation.

The annual report provides details of:

  • judicial decisions and decisions of administrative tribunals that have had, or may have, significant impact on the operations
  • reports about the authority by the Auditor General, a parliamentary committee, the Commonwealth Ombudsman, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, or the Australian Securities and Investment Commissioner.

Explanation if any information is missing from a subsidiary that is required to be included in the annual report.

Details of any indemnity given to an officer against liability, including premiums paid or agreed to be paid for insurance against the officer’s liability for legal costs.

An index of annual report requirements identifying where relevant information can be found in the annual report.

The annual report complies with presentation and printing standards for documents presented to Parliament.


The annual report uses plain English and clear design.


Australian Sports Commission Act 1989 requirements

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48(2)(aa) - Specify the transactions and the state of affairs of the Australian Sports Foundation.

48(2)(a) - Specify the particulars of each direction given to it by the minister under subsection 11(1).

48(2)(b) - An assessment of the extent to which its operations during the financial year have:

  • achieved its objectives as stated in the relevant strategic plan
  • implemented the operational plan.

48(2)(c) - Particulars of:

  • significant capital works undertaken by the Commission during the financial year
  • significant acquisitions and dispositions of real property by the Commission during the financial year
  • variations to the strategic plan and operational plan agreed by the minister during the financial year.