Australian Sports Commission - a snapshot

Who we are

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is the Australian Government agency that develops, supports and invests in sport at all levels. The ASC’s national leadership role is achieved through three operational areas: the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Participation and Sustainable Sports, and Corporate and Facilities Operations. The ASC is part of the Australian Government’s Health portfolio.

Our history

The ASC was established on 13 September 1984, when the then Prime Minister, the Honourable Bob Hawke, and Minister for Sport, the Honourable John Brown, formally announced the membership of the Commission and its terms of reference. They also announced the Australian Government’s intention to provide a statutory basis for the Commission, and legislation was introduced into Parliament on 3 May 1985, and proclaimed on 1 July 1985. The Australian Sports Commission was formally established as a Commonwealth Statutory Authority by the Australian Sports Commission Act 1985.

In August 1987, the Australian Government announced its decision to rationalise federal assistance to Australian sport. As a result, the AIS, first established as a public company under the Australian Capital Territory’s Companies Ordinance in 1981, was to amalgamate with the ASC. The Commission subsequently became the principal Australian Government agency responsible for sport in accordance with the revised Australian Sports Commission Act 1989.

What we do

The ASC works to make Australian sport stronger — to get more people playing sport and to help Australia athletes pursue their dreams on the world stage.

How we operate

The ASC works directly with sporting organisations, peak bodies, state and territory departments, institutes and academies of sport, and the business sector.

The ASC works to inform, support and create alignment through the Australian sport sector to drive the collective goal of participation growth.

The AIS, a division of the ASC, is Australia’s strategic high performance sport agency, responsible for leading the delivery of Australia’s international sporting success.

Two broad strategic documents provide the framework for our operations. Play.Sport.Australia. outlines how the ASC will focus its efforts to contribute to participation objectives. Australia’s Winning Edge 2012-2022 is the national strategy which provides the blueprint for Australia’s high performance success.

As individuals and as an organisation we are committed to operating within the ASC’s values: Respect and Integrity, valuing Teamwork and contributing to a high-functioning team to deliver Excellence in whatever we do.

Our environment

Australians love sport. It is a defining characteristic of our national culture — one that is recognised around the world. Australia’s diverse population discovers a shared identity in sport. We build confidence and teamwork in our children. We come together to play at local ovals, fields, courts, parks and beaches. We flock to great stadiums around the country to watch the contest. We celebrate and exude national pride when our athletes represent us on the international stage.

But Australia’s sporting context is changing.

On the participation front, research into the sports market tells us Australians are increasingly time poor, have limited budgets and are being inundated by new forms of entertainment. With these changes new preferences are emerging; Australians want greater flexibility, more tailored products and sports that suit their lifestyle.

On the international stage, competition is constantly intensifying and improving. Many other nations have now replicated our innovations and tapped into our expertise, and as a result have become stronger competitors in international sport.

ASC Staff and programme locations
Staff and Programme location
State Location Total
ACT Canberra 420.3
ACT Total 420.3
NSW Albury 2.0
Homebush, Sydney 2.0
Sydney 8.0
NSW Total 12.0
NT Alice Springs 1.0
Darwin 6.0
NT Total 7.0
OS Overseas 5.0
OS Total 5.0
QLD Brisbane 13.8
Cairns 1.0
Gold Coast 12.0
QLD Total 26.8
SA Adelaide 14.0
SA Total 14.0
TAS Hobart 3.0
TAS Total 3.0
VIC Melbourne 15.5
VIC Total 15.5
WA Broome 1.0
Perth 8.5
WA Total 9.5
Total 513.1

ASC infographic
  • Site size – 66 hectares (Bruce, ETC, Pizzey park)
  • Number of buildings and venues – 38 (35- Bruce, 1- ETC, 1- Pizzey Park 1 Yarralumla)
  • Number of available beds  700 (650 - Bruce, 50-ETC)
  • No of NSOs on site 14 (10 - Bruce, 1-Yarralumla , 3 – Pizzey park )
  • Number of sites where ASC staff are located 16 (5-ASC, 11-Sporting schools)
  • Total visitations - 515,000 visits to AIS Bruce
  • No of tour participants 115,000 (Bruce)