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The Australian Sports Commission has created a modern approach to community coaching. Developed in collaboration with the sport sector, the modern approach is about supporting the development, education and training of coaches and empowering them to provide safe, fun and inclusive environments that focus on the needs and motivations of participants. How you improve Become confident in using reflection to continue personal development and become a more effective coach. Learn more Who I coach Having a solid understanding of each participants needs and values is critical for coach development. Education Free online courses which supports the education and development of new and current coaches across Australia. Support for coaches Supporting the education, training and development of all coaches. What is the modern coaching approach? The new approach will reshape the sporting experience and encourage more people to play, coach and enjoy sport Evolution to modern coaching
Historic approach Modern approach
Coach centred Participant centred
Formal learning only Bespoke learning opporunities
Compliance Developing competencies to deliver an optimal experience for participants
One size fits all Adaptable coaching to meet the needs of participants
Skill-based Holistic approach that develops participants’ physical, social, psychological and cognitive skills along with sport-specific skills
Commanding coaching style Open, inquisitive, collaborative coaching style
Competitive, outcome focused Fun, inclusive, flexible, social
Decrease in retention and recruitment of coaches Increases retention and recruitment of coaches
Support for sport The Australian Sports Commission will provide blended opportunities to support the new approach to coaching




Advisory service

Community of practice

The benefits The new approach will deliver a range of benefits for the whole sporting sector, from sporting organisations and clubs to coaches and most importantly, the participants themselves. Benefits for sports and clubs Benefits for sports and clubs Grow income Improve culture and reduce risk Increase diversity and integrity Increase recruitment and retention Attract new participants and fans Cohesive skill and sport connection from school through to club Benefits for coaches Learn more Benefits for coaches Personal and professional development to assist coaching and other aspects of life Improve participant and athlete experiences through understanding and servicing participants motivations Motivated to coach and inspire Learning and engagement opportunities to compliment and extend their own existing knowledge Re-education and training to support modern environment issues, problems and opportunities Deliberate and ongoing learning through bespoke education and training Benefits for participants Benefits for participants Playing sport on their own terms Improved FMs/physical literacy skills Inspired to participate in sport for life Safe, positive and inclusive environments A sense of belonging within a sporting environment Quality sporting experiences that focus on the participants current motivations
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