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Thank you, Australia, for sharing your insights as we work together to develop the nation’s first codesigned National Sport Participation Strategy.

Our National Sport Participation Strategy survey was a huge hit with more than 6,600 Australians providing valuable insights into the sporting landscape. The figures below provide a breakdown of some of the survey respondent demographics and most commonly identified motivators and barriers to participating in sport.

Where particular groups or communities are not sufficiently represented in the survey responses there is opportunity for further consultation.

Graph 1: Number of respondents who are involved in sport in each way

I work in a sport-related role1381
I volunteer in community sport2760
I participate in sport3306
My children participate in sport3407
None of the above163

Graph 2:  Number of respondents by gender

Something else73
Prefer not to say60

Graph 3:  Number of respondents by location

Prefer not to say76

Graph 4:  Barriers to other people playing sport

Takes up too much time22.0%
Injury/poor health27.0%
Lack of knowledge of local opportunities29.0%
Lack of confidence34.0%
Too expensive to play/buy gear45.0%
Too much emphasis on competition17.0%
Playing/training times not flexible22.0%
Not inclusive enough11.0%
Other (please specify)10.0%
There are no barriers3.0%
Got other interests25.0%
No clubs/facilities in the local area19.0%

Graph 5: Barriers to volunteering

Takes up too much time54.0%
Injury/poor health17.0%
Not knowing what they could do61.0%
Lack of confidence44.0%
Lack of interest in sport17.0%
Not enough flexibility in the roles10.0%
Not enough flexibility in the timetable14.0%
Not inclusive enough13.0%
Other (please specify)22.0%
There are no barriers3.0%

About the strategy

In partnership with sector stakeholders, the ASC is facilitating the development of Australia's first codesigned National Sport Participation Strategy.

The objectives of the Strategy will be to:

  • Connect and align stakeholders that support the delivery of sport participation
  • Reimagine how participation is delivered in Australia, and define the strategic intent of participation
  • Change the face of sports participation to ensure it reflects the broader representation of Australian society now and into the future
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the sport participation system across government and sport

Working under the guidance of a Project Steering Group the ASC will create a formal project governance structure, which reflects the diversity of the sport system and maximises the number of Australians contributing to insights, ideas and project outcomes.

What's next

We’ve been busy behind the scenes working through these responses and experts have spent the past few weeks shaping content, activities and measures for the strategy.

A co-design workshop in Sydney is up next and we will provide another update following this important milestone.

Sport is great, and great things are coming we cannot wait to share more soon.

We were thrilled to welcome the National Sport Participation Strategy Project Steering Group to the AIS. Hear why they’re passionate about transforming the way participation is connected, delivered and supported in Australia.
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